School Wear $5.99 ea!

Includes all school wear e.g. Blazer, Tie, Trouser, Jumper/cardigan, Skirt, Shirt etc

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Everyday Specials*

Specials only apply to standard garments*

Specials across Balwyn & Thomastown
3 Garments - $19.50
School Wear ( blazer, skirt etc.) - $9.50
Any Doona, Quilt  - $29.99
5 Business Shirts Dry Cleaned - $19.95
5 Shirts Press Only - $15

*Standard garments include - business suits, gent shirts, blouse, trousers, jackets (non-heavy), tie, skirts (no pleats), top, jumper, cardigan, scarf, tee shirt, shorts

*Exclusions - silk or silk like fabrics, dresses, overcoats, heavy jackets, fur, leather, pleats, formal wear, whites and linen, household and furnishings, badly soiled garments or special attention garments

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